Patient Advocate

Our Patient Advocate Is Here For You

The mission at Perry Memorial Hospital is to provide compassionate, quality health services to the people and communities we serve.

Our Patient Advocate is just one of the members of our staff who are here to assist you. As the advocate for our patients and families, his role is to help ensure that your needs are met, questions are answered and concerns are addressed.  If there is anything the Patient Advocate can do to make your visit more pleasant and comfortable during your stay, please feel free to contact him at extension 2252, or ask one of your caregivers to contact his on your behalf.  Upon your return home, please feel free to contact the Patient Advocate with comments or concerns regarding your stay. Business cards for the Patient Advocate may be found in the front pocket of the guide book located in patient rooms.

You may also receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey asking you to provide feedback regarding the services you received at Perry Memorial Hospital. We would sincerely appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey, as it provides us with valuable information on how we are doing in delivering our mission. 

In addition, we feel that it is important to thank and recognize staff who play such an important role in meeting your expectations.  In this way, the survey provides an opportunity for you to let us know if any of the staff serving you provided a level of service which you felt was exceptional or noteworthy.  All of our staff wear tags with their first name and job title.  If possible, please take note of the professionals serving you.

Remember, the Patient Advocate is here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact him with questions or comments, by calling extension 2252 from within the hospital, or 815-876-2252 from a telephone outside the hospital.

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