Pain Management and Control


Pain relief is an important part of your health care and we wish to work with you to help provide adequate control of your pain. It is often not possible to eliminate all pain, but we do have options available to help ease your pain to an acceptable level. Also, it is important to remember that prevention of pain is more effective than relief of pain once it is firmly established.

We need to know if you have any special methods of pain relief that you have found effective, what you have found is not effective and also what activities increase your pain. We also need to know if you have any concerns regarding pain and pain control.

Effective communication with our staff is important in providing you with adequate pain control. We need to know how severe the pain is, where it is, a description of the pain, how long you have had it, how it has changed and what may aggravate or ease the pain.

We use a pain scale from zero to 10 to rate your pain. Zero indicates no pain and 10 is the worst possible pain you can imagine. This rating will help to provide consistent communication about your pain throughout your stay at our hospital.

wellnessWe have different options available to help control your pain. Pain control is usually separated into pharmacological (medications) and non-pharmacological methods.

The nurse will explain the medications for pain ordered for you by your physician. If the medications ordered for you are not effective please discuss this with your physician and your nurse. The nurse will also explain possible side effects and how they may be controlled. Sometimes new medications may need to be ordered.

There are also non-pharmacological (non-medications) methods of pain control. These include relaxation techniques, massages, exercise, heating pads and ice packs among others. A quiet room with restful music or music of your choice may also help to relax you enough to ease the pain. We offer some simple relaxation techniques to help you when needed.

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