Going Home

Your physician is the only person who can determine your readiness for discharge from the hospital. After your doctor has decided you can go home, your nurse will give you a summary sheet with your home care instructions on it. This is important because it tells you how to care for yourself at home.  After your physician discharges you, please make arrangements to be picked up for transportation home within one hour of discharge.

perry-mem-bw-wheelchairWhen you have received your instructions and you have been discharged by your doctor, please put your light on and when you are ready to go home, someone will help you gather your belongings.

When you leave the hospital, you may need to stop at the Business Office to sign papers and share needed information. Comment cards are on the counter in the Business Office if you would like to take one home and mail it back to us with comments about your stay here.


Your health information, referred to as medical records, serves the following purposes in the delivery of quality care:

  • Basis for planning your care and treatment.perry-mem-med-rec
  • Means of communication for the many health professionals who contribute to your care.
  • Legal document describing the care you received.
  • Verification of services and treatment covered by your insurance.
  • Basic data for health research and planning.

The healthcare professionals who care for you compile your health record. Your record is maintained by trained health information management personnel who are responsible for assuring that your health information is complete, confidential and available to you. You may reach the Medical Records Department by calling 815-876-4414.

Outpatient Education

When you are discharged from the hospital, your doctor may recommend ongoing outpatient education for you. The following programs are available with a referral from your physician:

per-mem-clip_image002_0000Cardiac Rehabilitation…is a supervised plan of exercise that is offered to patients who have had a heart attack, heart surgery or experience heart problems. Our Cardiac Rehab Department can be reached by calling 815-876-4494.

Diabetes Instruction…helps individuals and their families to better understand diabetes and learn to manage their disease though lifestyle changes. Please contact our Dietitian at 815-876-4448.

perry-mem-clip_image002Pulmonary Rehabilitation…is a monitored, supervised exercise and educational program offered to patients with diagnosed chronic pulmonary disease. Please contact our Respiratory Care Department at 815-876-2276.

Medical Rehabilitation…our professional and skilled Rehabilitation Services Team will help you to regain and maintain your optimal mobility and health. The department features include: sports rehabilitation, physical, occupational and speech therapy, pulmonary and cardiac rehab, continence therapy, lymphedema therapy, low back rehab and more. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 815-876-4494.

For further information regarding health education, please call the Perry Memorial Hospital’s Community Education Nurse at 815-876-4449.

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