Swing Bed

Perry’s Swing Bed Program

     Swing Bed is a Medicare program designed to provide additional inpatient care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home. The term Swing Bed basically means that the patient will “swing” or transition from inpatient acute care through the Swing Bed Program to return home to the same level of independence prior to entering the hospital. Swing Bed allows physicians to change the patient’s level of care from “acute” to “skilled rehabilitation.”  It is designed to be short term.

     Often a Swing Bed Program is used for patients who have had surgery such as hip or other joint replacement. In addition to major surgery, a lengthy illness can also result in the need for swing bed care. A patient can transfer from a larger facility to Perry’s Swing Bed Program or, if they are already an inpatient at Perry, the patient’s hospital designation can be changed to receive swing bed care. This means that patients do not have to move to another room, but rather their designation changes from inpatient to swing bed patient.

     Patients must have at least a three-day stay as an acute patient and be admitted to swing bed for a condition that was addressed during the 3-day hospital stay. Patients must need on-going monitoring and/or require rehabilitation therapy in order to qualify for swing bed. Once a patient is in the Swing Bed Program they must continue to show progress toward reaching their goals. For more information about Perry’s Swing Bed Program contact the Care Management Department.


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