Senior Behavioral Wellness

Perry Memorial’s Senior Behavioral Wellness service provides emotional support for seniors in our local area. In retirement years, many unexpected events can occur that drastically change our lives – death of a loved one, new health conditions, family problems, and financial difficulties to name a few.  The result for the person in senior years can include increased worries or fears, overwhelming emotions, and beliefs that he/she is the only one dealing with these feelings. 

Giving seniors an outlet to discuss life events, lack of control over what happens, and related feelings is the main purpose of Perry’s Senior Behavioral Wellness service. This Medicare covered service includes transportation, therapeutic small group discussions, and the opportunity to eat a meal with others.  Individual counseling and family counseling sessions are also available. 

Perry’s Senior Behavioral Wellness service is here to help seniors work through the concerns they face in life, and to learn new ways to cope and think about their personal challenges.   We also celebrate joyous memories, and make sure to find something to laugh about every day.  It can be a huge relief to know that there are others who share similar feelings and experiences.  Perry’s Senior Behavioral Wellness service is also helpful in assisting seniors with establishing a schedule and routine so that they can maintain a healthy productive life at home.

Perry’s Senior Behavioral Wellness staff consists of a Medical Director, Program Director, Licensed Therapist, Nurse, and Tech assistant/Van Driver. Dr. Scott Arbaugh is the Medical Director for Senior Behavioral Wellness.  He specializes in Psychiatry and will provide Psychiatric Evaluations and follow up appointments. When a referral is made, an assessment is the first step to begin participating in this service.  Often we visit the senior in their home to complete the assessment for his/her convenience. 

Anyone can call and ask for an assessment; a physician referral is not needed. To receive more information or to schedule a confidential assessment, call Perry Memorial’s Senior Behavioral Wellness at 815-876-2004.



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